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  The Nosegirl Gallery

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n. /NOZ-gurl/

1. A woman whose nose doesn't conform to the stereotypical ideal of feminine beauty.
2. A woman whose beauty is enhanced or accentuated by her large or uniquely shaped nose.
3. Me.

This is a website dedicated to celebrating beautiful women with big noses. I believe that a larger than average nose can be beautiful. Too often it seems that girls with prominent noses are made to feel ugly just because they don't conform to our society's ideal of beauty. This ideal seems to favor blandness over uniqueness. Yeah, I've got a big nose and I've created this site to pay tribute to my similarly endowed sisters. I find inspiration and self-confidence in the fact that there are so many famous women who have prominent noses, and whose beauty is enhanced by their unique and distinctive noses. The women in the Nosegirl Gallery aren't afraid to look different, in fact it's their distinctiveness that makes them beautiful!  
Featured Gallery - Zana Briski

  The featured nosegirl is Academy-award-winning filmmaker Zana Briski. See her pictures here!

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